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Dog gives birth to 11 puppies, gently places each puppy one by one into foster mom’s lap | Pettify


Becoming a new parent can definitely be an overwhelming experience, even for dogs!
Grayce the dog gave birth to eleven beautiful puppies—10 boys and one girl. Her foster mom, Stevoni Wells Doyle, was surprised when, just a few days after the puppies’ birth, Grayce began lightly placing th…


Abandoned Craigslist puppy is looking for a forever home | Pettify

From practically her first day on earth, Snowflake the Shar-Pei mix had been put through the ringer. Abandoned behind a dumpster in Bakersfield, California, the poor thing was eventually spotted by a man who then took her home.
After that certain someone “rescued” Snowflake, he decided to …